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Grocery Products

We travel throughout the country and across seas to bring you the most unique, authentic and high-quality products available. Because we are often the first to bring a product to market in the Northwest and even the United States, we can offer exclusive products—things you cannot find anywhere else. In fact, it’s often said,
“If you can’t find it at Metropolitan Market, you can’t find it anywhere.”

Grocery Frozen and Dairy Selections
  • A full selection of natural, specialty and national brands integrated throughout
    the whole store. We offer one of the widest selections of natural and organic
    products in the area, as well as your favorite national brands from Coke
    to Cheerios. You can find everything you need with just one stop.
  • The best selection of specialty items anywhere in Seattle and the
    Northwest. Whether you are a serious chef looking for a specific
    ingredient, or a food connoisseur seeking to try new flavors—we'll
    have it for you.
  • Knowledgeable staff who really know about the products we offer
    and can help you find everything you need.