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Fresh Produce Fruits and Vegetables

At Metropolitan Market, our goal is to bring you the widest variety of best-tasting fruits and vegetables every day. To ensure ultimate freshness, produce is delivered seven days a week. As for variety, our produce department carries one of the largest selections in the area, with more than 350 varieties of produce, including a full section of premium organics—typically more than 100 per day. And, if by chance there is something you are looking for that we don’t carry, just ask and we’ll order it for you.

Other Features of Our Fresh Produce
  • Quality testing to ensure you only get the best.
    We won’t sell it unless it meets our high standards, including grade, size and eating quality.
  • We work with local growers to harvest just at the right time, allowing fruits to hang on the tree until they are ripe, full of flavor and ready to eat. Don’t miss our annual Peach-O-Rama, Pear Affair and other produce events.
  • Knowledgeable employees to answer any product
    questions and help you find just what you
    need. Try before you buy. We have sample
    stations throughout the department, but if there is a fruit or vegetable you’d like to try, just let us know.

Hood River Cherry Company is a family-owned orchard dedicated to producing the market’s best-tasting cherries. The first cherry tree was planted in 1993 and since then, Hood River Cherry Company has grown to 120 acres of sweet cherries with a small cherry processing plant. By constantly working to improve the farms horticultural practices, you are assured you’ll be eating sweet, crisp and delicious cherries with every bite. By setting high standards and refusing to cut corners, the family-owned orchard has been producing the region’s best cherries since 1996. Metropolitan Market is proud to have Hood River Cherry Company as one of our local farmer partners!

Pence Orchards is a fourth-generation family farm in the lower Yakima Valley. Tree ripe peaches are the mainstay for owners Bert and Sharon Pence - and the most popular with our customers. The Pence’s selected their farm location in the Union Gap area of Yakima County due to the perfect soils for growing a variety of peaches and other stone fruits. This area prevents cold weather freezes and the overheating of the peaches during the hot summer by allowing the air to circulate through the orchard.

There's no doubt about it, Richter Farms grows the best tasting red raspberry in the country, which is why Metropolitan Market is proud to be a local retailer sharing these beautiful berries with you.

Richter Farms is located in Fife, Washington, in the Puyallup Valley; one of the best places in the world to grow raspberries with the right climate and the soil.

The Tulameen raspberry is considered the leading variety for fresh eating. In addition to raspberries (red and gold), Richter Farms grows several varieties of blackberries, nectarberries (a boysenberry that is Richter's personal favorite), tayberries (a raspberry-blackberry cross), gooseberries, currants (red, black and white) and, in the winter, hothouse rhubarb. Red raspberries account for about 60 percent of Richter's sales volume.

The hand-picking and hand-selecting of Richter's berries gives them a consistent quality customers have come to expect. Metropolitan Market carries almost everything Richter grows, including the more exotic berries.

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