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Fresh Seafood in Seattle, Tacoma, Kirkland

We are passionate about bringing the best from the dock to your dish! Because of this philosophy, we were the first market in the nation to helicopter in fresh Copper River salmon as well as premium Yukon River Alaskan salmon.

Our knowledgeable staff work hand in hand, seven days a week, with local fishermen and crews around the world to ensure that only the highest quality, freshest seafood is selected and brought to market.

Our Seafood Counter Features
  • The most meaty, premium live crabs and
    lobsters in town. We buy them big so you
    get more meat and less shell.
  • Premium prawns and Dungeness Crabs
    cooked fresh daily.
  • Signature smoked salmon, smoked in
    small batches for freshness and flavor.
  • The best crab cakes you can buy,
    made fresh daily in our market.
  • A fine selection of caviar.
  • Seafood that is cut to order and that
    can be ordered over the phone and
    shipped in odorless, leak-proof boxes
    guaranteed to stay cold for 36 hours.