Holiday Meal Planning


Spice it Up

Whether it’s a new twist on Thanksgiving, or to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, the flavors of this Tex-Mex turkey dinner are so compelling you’ll make them again and again, thanks to an easy, roasted turkey breast glazed with tequila and bright, lively sides (Mexi sweet potato casserole with chiles, anyone?).

1. Margaritas with Jalapeño and Lime 2. Cranberry Salsa 3. Freshly-Made Guacamole 4. Crab Tostaditas 5. Mexi Sweet Potatoes with Chiles 6. Glazed Tequila Turkey 7. Chorizo Chile Stuffing 8. Cinnamon Brownies


Find vegetarian holiday dinner ideas along with all the recipes in our 2019 Holiday Meal Planning Guide from Metropolitan Market Find vegetarian holiday dinner ideas along with all the recipes in our 2019 Holiday Meal Planning Guide from Metropolitan Market

Meatless Marvels

These veggie-forward favorites are sure to hit all the right notes—like a cheesy and comforting baked rigatoni with mellow squash, sweet potato fritters paired with spicy aioli, or light and bright broccoli salad that boasts big crunch. Vegetarians or not, they’re sure to dig back in for seconds.

1. Roasted Cauliflower with Caper Sauce 2. Cheesy Vegetable Tart 3. Sweet Potato Fritters with Sriracha Sauce 4. Baked Rigatoni with Squash 5. Einkorn Salad with Broccoli


Seafood Soiree

This chilled fruits de mer platter is impressive—and with seafood from the Pacific Northwest, it’s even better. The best part? When Metropolitan Market provides the goodies, you reap the benefits: Combine your Poke Bar favorites with prawns from our Seafood Department, crab legs, and raw oysters in the shell, then quickly steam and add a few clams or mussels. And just like that, you’re done.

1. Poke Bar Selection 2. Cracked Crab Legs 3. Oysters on the Half Shell 4. Hot Smoked King Salmon 5. Freshly Cooked Prawns 6. Gerard and Dominique Lox with Capers 7. Steamed and Chilled Mussels and Clams


Raclette Party

Raclette is an intensely satisfying melted cheese dish from the Alps, traditionally made over live fire. Unlike a fondue, which is a dip, raclette is melted, then draped over the accompaniments—like new potatoes and cornichon. No specialty equipment? No Swiss fireplace? We’ve made it super easy by using a cast iron skillet, and it tastes just as good melted to gooey goodness in the oven or on the stovetop.

1. Raclette Cheese 2. Broccolini 3. New Potatoes 4. Cornichon Pickles 5. Crisp Apples 6. Whole-Grain Mustard 7. Freshly-Sliced Baguette


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