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dungeness crab cakes

Our team of fishmongers make batches of these buttery, savory, juicy morsels in-house, with an original recipe that’s been passed down through our team for years. Only real Northwest Dungeness goes into our crab cakes. Just pan-fry them in rich butter or oil for the ultimate cake, crispy on the outside and packed with plump meat on the inside. So jump on in—the water’s fine!

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“Fresh crab is probably the best-tasting ingredient the Pacific Northwest has to offer, so we don’t add much to it.”
­—Seafood Department Manager at our West Seattle store

Our crab cakes are a whopping 70% real Dungeness! And the rest? A bit of mayo and Dijon, some green onions and garlic, a dash of spices, and breadcrumbs to hold the colossal cake together.

Did you know you can get mini-versions of these entrée-sized cakes? Ask one of our fishmongers to whip up a batch of bite-sized crab cakes—they make a perfect party appetizer!

With all of the fresh seafood the Pacific Northwest has to offer, we couldn’t contain ourselves to just crab. Keep an eye out for our signature salmon burgers and tasty halibut cakes, also made fresh in-house.

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a northwest treasure

The Pacific Northwest is home to many delicacies, perhaps none more famous, or so well-loved, as the bright-orange Dungeness crab. It’s everything a crab should be: Buttery and sweet, plump and juicy. And locals know there’s almost no better way to enjoy it than in a decadent crab cake.

The Metropolitan Market recipe is an original that’s been passed down, fishmonger to fishmonger, for decades: It all starts with an enormous amount of fresh Dungeness crab cooked in salted water that is then tossed with just enough natural dressing to bind it together, plus a dash of seasoning and a light Panko breadcrumb crust to give it that perfectly crispy texture on the outside.

Unlike some East Coast versions that are loaded with fillers, our patties are a whopping 70-percent crab, which lets the natural flavors lead the way—an approach we also take with our signature salmon burgers and halibut cakes. “The key is it’s nearly all fresh Dungeness crab meat,” says the fishmonger and seafood department manager at the West Seattle store. “Fresh crab is probably the best-tasting ingredient the Pacific Northwest has to offer, so we don’t add much to it.”

Not only are these crab cakes delicious, they are the ultimate weeknight dinner hack, too—serve simply over a bed of greens with a side of garlicky aioli or whip up some no-fuss crab-cake burgers, and enjoy this most lovely gift from the sea.

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