Peach‑O‑Rama: Meet the Growers

It’s Peach-O-Rama at Metropolitan Market

We’re Peach People

We knew we couldn’t be the only peach people out there. If there’s one thing we’ve learned on this journey, is that it takes a team to achieve something truly great. We partnered with folks who were as passionate about creating something special as we were.

Learn about Pence Orchards in Wapato, Washington

Lateral Roots Farm

Wapato, Washington 

Located in the lower Yakima Valley and home to the famous Pence peaches, the folks at Lateral Roots Farm go the extra mile in handling their fruit. The weather is, well, peach-perfect, with the temperature being slightly warmer than the surrounding area due to its proximity to a gap in the mountains nearby, called Union Gap.

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Frog Hollow Farm

Brentwood, California

Al Courchese, better known as Farmer Al, planted his first peach orchard on his farm in 1976. It wasn’t too much later that he decided to go organic, and become a major player in the organic farming movement. Frog Hollow Farm is committed to sustainable farming practices, such as making sure that each piece of produce grown is never wasted, and using the land in an environmentally conscious manner.

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Learn about Frog Hollow Farm in Brentwood, California
Learn about Douglas Fruit in Pasco, Washington

Douglas Fruit

Pasco, Washington

The Douglas family started their farm four generations ago, and today, their fruit is just as delicious as ever. They’ve perfected the art of growing the perfect peach in eastern Washington, where long, hot summer days build up the fruit’s sugars and cool nights bring out beautiful vibrant hues. These folks go the extra mile to make sure their fruit is consistent in quality and flavor; a difference you can taste with each bite of peach.

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