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3–Course Brunch

Mom Deserves a Spread

April 22, 2022  |   by Monica Hart

They say that the best gifts are homemade ones, so why not whisk mom away on an exciting culinary adventure this Mother’s Day with a scratch-made meal full of fantastic flavors and recipes from around the world? These inspired menu options go from the tropics to the Alps, with several mouthwatering stops in between. Use this choose-your-own-adventure menu as your passport to create a doable and delicious gourmet getaway without leaving home.

Tropical Fruit Salad

It’s a taste of the tropics. Add a bowl of sunshine to your brunch with zingy pineapple, buttery papaya, banana, and kiwi fruit. This bright and colorful combo pairs perfectly with a hint of vibrant fresh lime juice and a sprinkling of hand-torn cool mint. You can feel the warm breeze beneath the palm trees in every bite.

fruit salad
strawberry almond crisp

Strawberry Crisp with Almond Coconut Topping

Strawberry crisp forever! This strawberry filling is so juicy, and florally fragrant. The golden, almond coconut topping adds the perfect crunch, plus the dish comes together in minutes, making it a great fruit course selection for your Mother’s Day brunch table. Be sure and make extra of the tasty topping, for snacking.

Kuku Sabzi (Persian Herbed Frittata)

This yummy Persian-inspired frittata amps up the delicious flavor contrast between vivid-greens and creamy, custardy eggs, infused with earthy turmeric. Top with tangy dried cranberries and rich walnuts, for the perfect savory, herbal, sweet and sour vibe.

kuku sabzi
swiss rosti with lox

Swiss Rosti with Lox

Treat mom to a little Alpine cuisine with Swiss Rosti and Lox. Crispy, golden shredded potatoes, European style smoked salmon, dolloped with tangy crème fraiche and sprinkled with citrusy fresh dill. This go-to combo is sure to become a brunch favorite.

Chilaquiles – Green

Go south of the border with this tasty tortilla brunch dish. Crispy tortillas, swimming in a rich salsa, refried beans covered with plenty of Cotija cheese, Mexican cream and cilantro, YUM. Quick and easy to make. Make it meatless or top with a fried egg.

cinnamon bread baked french toast

Cinnamon Bread Baked French Toast

Next level French toast, you can make in minutes. Let the Metropolitan Market Bakery do the heavy lifting for you on this one. Grab a delicious loaf of Homestyle Cinnamon Bread and a casserole dish, then whip up a quick custard. Dip, soak, bake it off and then dust it all with powdered sugar and a dollop of whipped cream. Guaranteed Mother’s Day hit. You’re welcome.

chocolate cherry scones

Chocolate Cherry Scones

Make mama a sweet treat with these indulgent, chocolatey cherry scones. Chewy dried cherries, oozy mini chocolate chips, and a sprinkling of demerara sugar for a little crunch…and you’ve got stellar scones for your Mother’s Day brunch.

Elderflower Spritz

It’s elegance in a glass and perhaps, the sweetest Mother’s Day wakeup call ever.
Sparkling wine and florally elderflower liqueur, is topped with bubbly water and garnished with fresh citrus or shall we dare suggest, a sprig of fresh lavender! This mom is all in! You?

elderflower spritz
spicy pineapple chile margarita

Pineapple Chile Margarita

Add some spunk and spice to that Mother’s Day Marg, with fresh pineapple, and a secret ingredient, the warming spice of Tajin, a chile-lime seasoning on the rim. This tropical spin on the classic margarita is rivetingly refreshing and sure to get the party started.

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