The Sweetest Peach

Our peaches are left on their branch a little longer than other peaches, giving them time to develop their sugars and ripen into the sweet fruit we look forward to each year.

How We Measure for Sweetness

Each day our in-store peach experts use a special tool called a refractometer to measure the peach’s natural sugars. The higher the score, or “brix,” the sweeter the peach. Our peaches have read as high as 18, which is significantly higher than the average peach!/p>

peach brix meter

Extra Sweet

Tree ripened at the peak of perfection.


Grab a napkin cause all of our peaches are perfectly ripe and drip-down-your-chin delicious.

Easy to Eat

The pit easily pulls away from the fruit.


A perfect balance of sweetness and acidity.

fruit specialist dino

Our fruit specialist Dino check the Brix level. Almost there!

Want to Know Today’s Brix Reading? Call Your Store to Find Out!

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