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Rotisserie Chicken

Flame Roasted and Ready for Your Table

Back in our early days, our good friend and Seattle’s renowned French chef Jacques Boiroux led our culinary team with his endless ideas, expertise, and inspiration. Boiroux would head home to France every year to visit family and friends and return with stories about the flame-roasted chickens in the neighborhood markets. So when we remodeled our West Seattle store in 1997, we had to bring in one of those French Rotisol Rotisseries.

Our chickens are fed a hormone-free, vegetarian diet and are allowed plenty of room to roam a cage-free lifestyle. The chickens are air-chilled before packaging which helps preserve the natural flavor. All this ensures that they deliver the highest-quality bird possible, free of GMOs, antibiotics, chemicals, and preservatives.

Once they come to us, they are seasoned to perfection before making their way into the rotisserie, where they emerge hot and fresh throughout the day. In addition to the classic, seasoned with lemon pepper, there’s also a lemon-herb version kissed with fragrant herbes de Provence. The tandoori will tickle taste buds thanks to a spice medley of sea salt, cumin, garlic, ginger, paprika, turmeric, and cayenne; and you can’t go wrong with the smoked chili flavor that features notes of paprika and smoky-spicy chipotle pepper.

It’s the stuff family dinners are made of: Pop by for one and place it on your table with pride (where the crew can debate who gets the drumsticks or who will be the lucky recipient of the tender thighs). Or, save yourself a step and add it to pasta, pot pie, or any recipe calling for a hearty helping of everyone’s favorite bird.

rotisserie chicken

Our birds stick to a hormone-free, vegetarian diet and enjoy a roaming, cage-free lifestyle.

Each of our stores is equipped with an impressive flame rotisserie, the same style as the ones you see in specialty French markets, where chickens are roasted and sold fresh throughout the day. Check it out next time you’re in store.

rotisserie chicken
rotisserie chicken

Our rotisserie chickens come in a flock of flavors, including classic (lemon pepper), tandoori, smoked chili, and lemon herb (herbes de Provence). Find your favorite and enjoy as-is, or use as a base for easy meal making.

Your secret ingredient to effortless weeknight dinners. Check out some of our recipe inspiration!

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