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At Metropolitan Market, we go above and beyond to offer fresh, quality produce. We visit the orchards and fields selecting premium fruits and vegetables to bring you the best choices at the peak of season. You’ll find a vast selection to explore, from Washington apples and Hawaiian pineapples to Mexican jackfruit and Tanzanian cherries.

  • Quality Produce: Our quality testing to ensures you get only the best. We won’t sell it unless it meets our high standards, including grade, size, and eating quality.
  • Locally Grown: We work with local growers throughout the Pacific Northwest to harvest at just the right time, allowing fruits to hang on the tree until they are ripe, full of flavor and ready to eat.
  • Seasonal Favorites: Every season brings new bounty to the produce department – from the sweet and juicy Peach-o-Rama peaches in the summer, to the creamy holiday pears in the winter, and all the local berries, heirloom apples, and savory fall squashes in between.

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