Butcher Shop Partners

[col] Taste & Quality The Metropolitan Market Standard focuses on quality, animal welfare, and of course, flavor. Our meat has to be delicious, so we only purchase meat we love, from suppliers we know and trust. From grass-fed beef, to free-range chickens, we have the very best for your table. Standards & Practices The meat we sell is what we cook ourselves – free of added hormones, growth stimulants, antibiotics, and preservatives. We insist that all animals are naturally raised, live stress‑free, and are fed a vegetarian diet.  [col] Painted Hills Fossil, Oregon Tucked in the shadow of Oregon’s famous Painted Hills, seven families with ranching resumés that span multiple generations got together and founded Painted Hills Natural Beef. The goal? Raise the best tasting beef they could. The big rule? It has to be all-natural. They didn’t stop there. Not only has Painted Hills succeeded in producing some top‑notch steakhouse‑worthy cuts, they’ve done so without the use of added hormones or antibiotics, and kept their cattle on a 100% vegetarian diet. Learn more > [col] [col] Superior Farms Dixon, California Animal welfare is of the utmost priority to the people at Superior Lamb; the herd comes first. Lambs graze … Continue reading Butcher Shop Partners