How to Create a Cheese Board Recipe

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How to Create a Cheese Board

Serving size varies


  • Soft Ripened Cheese (Serve the whole piece. The rind is edible):
  • Delice de Bourgogne Triple Créme (France)
  • Humboldt Fog Goat (California)
  • Camembert (France)
  • Cana De Oveja Sheep (Spain)
  • Blue Cheese (Serve with a small knife or spreader):
  • Point Reyes Original Blue (California)
  • Shropshire Blue (England)
  • Grand Noir (France)
  • Gorgonzola Dolce (Italy)
  • Cascadia Creamery Glacier Blue Cow (Washington)
  • Aged/Hard Cheese (Serve whole, crumbling on board):
  • Vela Dry Jack (Sonoma)
  • Marieke Golden Gouda (Wisconsin)
  • Hervé Mons Pave du Nor (France)
  • Parmigiano Reggiano (Italy)
  • Beemster XO Aged Gouda (Holland)
  • Cheddar-Style Cheese (Serve whole, sliced or cubed):
  • Cabot Clothound Cow (Vermont)
  • Beecher's FLagship or 5 year Canadian Cheddar
  • Semi-Firm Cheese (Serve whole, sliced or cubed):
  • Garotxa (Spain)
  • Comté (France)
  • Cave-Aged Gruyére (Switzerland)
  • Alp Blossom (Switzerland)
  • Goat Cheese (Serve with a small knife or spreader):
  • Bijou (Vermont)
  • Salt Springs (Canada)
  • Cypress Grove Midnight Moon (California)
  • Capriole O'Banon (Indiana)
  • Condiments or Seasonal Fruit:
  • Qunice and Apple Mostarda (Wisconsin)
  • Dried Fruit Crisps
  • Toschi Cherries
  • Bread or Crackers:
  • Cracker
  • Spanish Picos Breadsticks
  • Baguette Slices
  • Effie's Oatcakes


  1. Select one cheese from each category for a large party and 3 types cheese total for a small gathering. Plan on about 1.5 ounce per person, per item.

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“Love these pairings! beemster xo is my obsession, so any new ways to enjoy it and other cheeses to pair it with are welcome. ”
“Very nice guide to making a lovely and tasty cheese board. ”
“All great choices! add to the cheddar list the cotswold type carried at the metropolitan. also, my guests have enjoyed the original triscuits with the cheddars.”
“Very helpful!”
“Leaving a 5 star review to counterbalance the individual that left only 1 star because they felt that one category was too heavily represented. think of the audience this is for, people reading a how to make a cheese board guide probably aren't ready to be adventurous. i think this is a great guide and look forward to making one soon, thanks!”

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