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5 Meatless Recipes You’ll Love

Plant-based dishes for non-plant-based eaters

January 5, 2023  |   by Staff Writer

We all have that friend, family member, significant other (or maybe it’s you) who relies heavily on meals based around meat. You know…the one who doesn’t consider it a real meal unless there’s chicken, pork, steak, or lamb! To win meat-eaters over to the green side, we tasked our recipe development team with creating a roundup of plant-based meals—which had to be delicious and filling AND something that even a devoted carnivore would be excited to eat (without ever wondering, “where’s the meat?”). After lots of exploration and loads of taste testing, here is where we landed for gateway recipes to enjoying more veggies.

mushroom cassoulet

Mushroom Cassoulet

Meaty mushrooms stand in for sausage and other meats in this hearty bean stew inspired by France’s classic cassoulet. We brown the vegetables and add umami-rich ingredients to deepen the flavor of this quick-cooking, vegan version.

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Sheet-Pan Crispy Cauliflower Steaks

This is a surprisingly satisfying, plant-based “steak” dinner entrée made easy with our sheet-pan method. The tender cauliflower, seasoned to perfection and encapsulated in a crunchy coating, makes for a meal that you’ll lean back after the first bite and say, “wow!”

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sheet pan crispy cauliflower steak
loaded spiced jo jos

Fully Loaded Spiced Jo-Jos

An all-plant, potato lover’s dream with a spicy, Middle Eastern-inspired flavor profile. The delicious, savory cheese sauce is made from cashews, and roasted chickpeas add a craveable crunch to this satisfying comfort food.

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Southwest Yam and Kale Bowl

This hearty salad packed with flavor boasts an array of color. The warmth of roasted yams, the creaminess of the avocado sauce, and the crunch of crispy fried onions make for a tasty dish that you’ll want on repeat. Meal preppers, take note: make the components ahead of time and easily assemble the bowls on a busy weeknight.

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southwest yam and kale bowl
caramelized shallots aglio e olio

Caramelized Shallot Aglio e Olio

This satisfying dish comes together as quickly as it takes to boil a pot of pasta. Add caramelized shallots and a touch of miso for a rich umami boost to the beloved Italian spaghetti dish, aglio e olio (garlic and oil). Simple, flavorful, and hard to stop eating!

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