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Make the Most of Citrus Season

6 recipes that burst with flavor

January 11, 2023  |   by Staff Writer

With a fresh new year comes fresh peak-of-season citrus! While we love to snack on these sweet and juicy gems on their own, we wanted to take them to the next level, so we cooked up some ways to truly appreciate and take advantage of all citrus has to offer. From lemons and limes to grapefruits and kumquats, incorporate some of these fresh recipes into your meal plan for a lively addition to the week.

oysters with grapefruit granita

Oysters with Grapefruit Granita

Slightly sweet citrus granita is a refreshing accompaniment to oysters on the half shell. If you’re unsure about what type of oysters to get, ask our fishmongers for a seasonal recommendation—they are happy to shuck them for you, too!

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Endive and Citrus Salad

Kumquats, with sweet, edible skin and tart-tangy centers, offer bright bursts of citrus flavor to this beautiful, nutritious winter salad. Different varieties of orange supremes (slices without pith and membranes) also work great in place of kumquats.

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endive and citrus salad

braised lemon chicken

Braised Lemon Chicken

Savory, satisfying, and simple—this one-pan recipe is a weeknight winner! Braising in lemon juice and fresh thyme makes for incredibly tender, flavorful chicken.

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Red Curry Coconut Cod Chowder

This soup, inspired by the Thai soup, Tom Yum, is richly flavored with a balance of lime, lemongrass, curry, and coconut cream. The recipe borrows a classic New England chowder technique of cooking the fish off-heat, in hot broth.

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sweet and sour cod chowder

cara cara tahini upside down cake

Cara Cara Tahini Upside-Down Cake

Show off the beautiful, vibrant coral color of sweet, tart Cara Cara oranges in this gorgeous cake that also features a flavor boost from nutty tahini, a sesame-seed paste. Just try to resist breaking off nibbles and sneaking bites till it’s gone—we dare you!

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Candied Citrus Peel

Don’t let any citrus goodness go to waste. When snacking on satsumas or eating grapefruit for breakfast, save the peels and turn them into a delicious candy that can be added to cookies and scones, yogurt and granola, or champagne flutes and cocktail tumblers. The peel of any citrus will work.

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candied citrus peel