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Hard Boiled Eggs 9 Ways

Recipes worth shell-ebrating

April 1, 2024  |   by Daniel Osser

You’ve just boiled a bunch of eggs. Maybe they’re leftover from Easter or Passover. Maybe you’re just lunch-prepping for the week. In either case, now you have too many and you’re looking for some inspiration. Here’s some of our favorites:

caramelized onion and egg tartine

Caramelized Onion and Egg Tartine

Caramelized onions mingle beautifully with melty cheese and sliced egg in this tartine. Think of it as an open-faced grilled cheese sandwich with all the flavors of French onion soup – perfect for breakfast or lunch!

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Pickled Eggs 2 Ways

These pickled eggs are vibrant, bright and delicious. Use them to brighten up your next batch of egg salad, deviled eggs, or even breakfast toast. Once pickled, they’ll last up to a week in your fridge!

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pickled eggs
deviled eggs

Deviled Eggs 3 Ways

These party classics are simple, shareable, and delicious. Simply cut in half, whip the egg yolk up with flavorful ingredients and spoon the delicious mixture back in to the white! The term “deviled” dates back to the 18th century and was originally used to describe any food flavored with heavy spice or mustard! Here’s 3 egg-celent versions, egg-sactly what you’ve been looking for!

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Bacon Egg Avocado Sandos

Forget avocado toast! These tasty avocado sandwiches, inspired by Japanese-style sandos, feature jammy eggs and crisp bacon layered on soft, fluffy shokupan (Japanese milk bread) with a bright, flavorful dressing.

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bacon egg avocado sandos
super veggie bowl

Super Veggie Bowl

Who doesn’t love egg on a salad? Adding an egg is a great way to boost flavor and protein! This delicious salad boast a variety of bright vegetables and is loaded with protein. Top it with your favorite dressing!

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Halibut Niçoise Salad

Classic Niçoise salad combines tuna, eggs, potatoes, green beans, and olives from the French city of Nice. Our version features northwest halibut, spring asparagus, and plenty of herbs for a bright and refreshing meal. This composed salad will look beautiful on the table!

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halibut nicoise salad

Looking for more? Why not brush up on how to select fresh eggs. You can also learn all about our Metropolitan Market large AA eggs here! Or maybe you’re looking to expand your knowledge of egg cookery? Here’s 8 more ways to cook an egg that prove just how versatile they can be!