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Spring is for Brunching

March 13, 2024  |   by Cameron Ito

Brunch days are just better. There’s something truly magical about mimosas at 11am with your favorite people. Living your best life is reason enough to brunch…and now that spring has sprung, it’s peak brunch season! We encourage you to embrace it. Mother’s Day and Easter feature prominently on our brunch calendar, but any Saturday or Sunday becomes a holiday when you bring family and friends together under the glorious banner of brunch. And when it comes to putting together a relaxed mid-morning meal, Metropolitan Market knows how to do it right—our stores are jam-packed with the tastiest treats. Here are a few of our favorites for an easy yet delicious spread. Happy brunch season!



Our made-in-house quiches are crafted with care—tender, golden crusts with savory, flavorful fillings. Whether you prefer classic combinations like Three-Cheese and Lorraine with Bacon or the bolder flavors of Spinach, Wild Mushroom, and Feta and Tomato, Kale, and Asiago, our quiches are sure to delight. Serving this classic brunch staple is easy; our 9-inch quiche heats up in 10-12 minutes and feeds up to 8 people.

Fresh Juice

Brunching is thirsty work and whether you prefer your juice fresh-pressed or fresh-pressed with a little bubbly, we’ve got you covered. Our classic orange, tangy tangerine, and zesty grapefruit options are all sure to please and pair extraordinarily well with Metropolitain champagne or Cavicchioli prosecco.

fresh orange juice and champagne

bakewell tart

Bakewell Tart

Our Bakewell tarts make a unique, delicious, and shareable addition to any spring brunch. We found inspiration for this Best of Met tradition in Derbyshire, England, and we think you’ll fall for its flaky, buttery crust filled with jam and frangipane and topped with slivered almonds and powdered sugar. Our classic raspberry Bakewell is always available, and we offer several limited-edition, seasonal flavors throughout the year. Learn more about our Bakewell Tarts.

Cut Fruit

No brunch is complete without a rainbow of fresh fruit! We offer an array of grab-and-go options to round out your spread. From juicy grapes to perfectly ripe mango, there’s something for everyone to love.

bowl of blueberries and strawberries

almond cake

Almond Cake

Like everything Metropolitan Market makes from scratch, our signature Almond Cake is ridiculously good! It pairs well with practically everything and really shines next to a cup of coffee or topped with fresh fruit and a dollop of whipped cream. Learn about our head baker, Jens Melin, and how he created our Almond Cake.

Bagels + Salmon

Metropolitan Market has a great selection of bagels, including fresh-baked sourdough bagels from Seattle’s Macrina Bakery. If you want the absolute freshest bagels, try Wake n’ Bagel bake-at-home frozen bagels from Little Shop of Bagels. And for topping your bagels of choice, we make smoked salmon cream cheese spreads, traditional and spicy options, in-house every day. Both feature locally smoked, wild Pacific salmon. We also make a Dungeness crab, artichoke, and cream cheese spread that’s really amazing on a toasted bagel.

bagels, salmon and cream cheese

cinnamon bread

Cinnamon Bread

Our cinnamon bread is great toasted with butter. If you are a fan of decadent French toast, you need to try making it with this cinnamon bread. Our French Toast Bake recipe is easier and quicker than pan frying, and it’s a great way to make enough for a crowd.


Boost the vibe with beautiful fresh florals! Metropolitan Market offers the best selection of bouquets and custom arrangements, featuring a wide variety of local flowers. From daises to dahlias, we’ve got the brightest blooms to dress up your table.

Metropolitan Market is here to help you elevate every moment. So, gather your friends and family, set the table, and make this brunch season one to remember!

bouquet of flowers