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Prime Rib Sandwich

“The Met Market prime rib is arguably the most underrated sandwich in Seattle. And the best value.”

—Tan Vinh, Seattle Times food writer

Signature Fire-Roasted Prime Rib Sandwich, Medium Rare from Metropolitan Market

You can live every day like it’s a holiday with our signature prime rib sandwich, which is hand-carved to order, thinly sliced, and piled high on a freshly baked baguette that is crisp and crackly on the outside, soft on the inside. The rich au jus that is drizzled on the baguette—and also comes alongside for dipping–boasts a flavor so rich and alluring you’ll be tempted to lick your fingers. Accented by a creamy Dijon-horseradish, it’s definitely a classic for the discriminating carnivore.

Twenty years ago, our culinary geniuses began the all-day tradition of crafting our flame-roasted prime rib, loading a 9-pound roast into the European Rotisol Rotisserie after seasoning it to perfection with coarse sea salt and butcher pepper. Turning the meat ever-so-slowly, our rotisserie uses both direct flame roasting and radiant heat to lock in those incredibly flavorful juices on the inside, all while producing a beautifully browned exterior.

Signature Fire-Roasted Prime Rib Sandwich, Sliced Beef from Metropolitan Market

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This roast has an impressive pedigree, too: All our prime rib comes from cattle that enjoy a 100% vegetarian diet of barley, corn and hay, and never fed hormones or antibiotics. This leads to some supremely flavorful beef sold straight from our Butcher Shop, which later debuts as the star of our savory, scrumptious, and satisfying sandwich.

Nothing else quite compares to those beautifully browned caramelized edges, that medium-rare pink center, the meltingly smooth beef that almost dissolves in your mouth. So, perhaps the question isn’t, “would you like one?”; but rather, “how many should you get?”

Signature Fire-Roasted Prime Rib Sandwich, Au Jus from Metropolitan Market

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