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Fresh–Stretched Mozzarella

“It took me a long time to perfect my from-scratch pizza dough, but the choice of @metmarket fresh mozzarella was a hit from the start! Can’t imagine my pizza without it.”

­—@shermanscorner, Instagram

Just imagine: passionate, experienced cheesemongers expertly pulling, shaping, and braiding fresh mozzarella by hand, all while the city is just beginning to wake up. This isn’t a scene from a rustic, traditional cheese shop tucked away in a quaint alley in Italy. This is happening right in our stores.

Fresh-Stretched Mozzarella, Packaged from Metropolitan Market

Our talented cheesemongers hand-stretch the mozzarella every morning in each of our stores. Come by early enough and you can grab a fresh sample.

It all starts with fresh curd from top-quality whole cow’s milk, which is then added to hot, salted water and stirred. Once the texture is right, it’s pulled and shaped.

Fresh-Stretched Mozzarella Being Made from Metropolitan Market

Fresh-Stretched Mozzarella with Vegetables from Metropolitan Market

Adored for its signature soft texture and mild flavor, our fresh mozzarella is perfect for topping pizza, baking with pasta, or making a summer caprese salad.

Whether you slice it up with tomato and drizzle it with balsamic or melt it to cheesy perfection on pizza, make the most of your mozzarella with these recipes.

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