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Washington Apple Cider

Fresh-Pressed Perfection

October 10, 2022  |   by Staff Writer

When it comes to fall, we love it all; a distinct nip in the air, the crunchy leaves underfoot, and the urge to wrap your hands around a warm mug of fragrant apple cider. Crafted from farm-fresh apples plucked from the orchard and pressed at the height of ripeness, this autumn classic is crisp and refreshing served cold from the fridge or cozy and comforting sipped hot in between trick-or-treaters on All Hollows’ Eve.

Introducing Washington Apple Cider from Metropolitan Market

What sets Metropolitan Market’s apple cider apart is its amazing freshness: All of the apples are grown west of the Cascade Mountains in Whatcom County, meaning they go from tree to basket to press without any delay—a trip to our stores saves you the hike to the farm. Our grower cultivates over 20 varieties of apples, including the ever-popular Honeycrisp, blending them to create a consistently flavorful cider. Fresh-pressed and minimally filtered without any added preservatives or fillers, this beautiful beverage is as juicy as that first perfect bite of an apple—and it’s sure to warm you both body and soul.

We can think of no better tribute to our state’s most famous fruit than this signature apple cider, which is offered in three sizes (gallon, half gallon, and pint) for as long as the harvest lasts, usually all the way through the holidays. Snag it while it lasts—and freeze some for later. Enjoy it on its own, or in a seasonal cocktail. Cheers!

Washington Apple Cider Cocktail from Metropolitan Market


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