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Your local grocery store with the freshest foods and highest quality ingredients. Find local flavors alongside products from around the world at our six locations in Seattle, Kirkland, and Tacoma.
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Seattle Organic Grocery
  • Recipe #1077
    Simple Spinach Salad

    Enjoy this simple spinach salad
    topped with zesty ginger
    lemongrass dressing.

  • Recipe #314 Garden Lasagna

    MM Garden Marinara sauce and
    our fresh stretched mozzarella
    make the difference in this
    classic lasagna recipe.

  • Recipe #1016A
    Strawberry & Mozzarella Salad

    Strawberries and our
    fresh-stretched mozzarella pair
    beautifully in this simple
    summer salad.

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    Try one of our Ultimate Box
    Lunches for your next
    office meeting.

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    Everything's just
    peachy this July! From
    Peach-O-Rama's 20th
    Anniversary to our
    brand new bacon, summer's
    hottest foods are all here.

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    Be a part of a team nationally
    celebrated for progressive
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