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9 Ways to Go Green

Reusable, re-washable, and remarkable

April 21, 2022  |   by Staff Writer

9 Eco-Friendly Ways to Go Green, Hydroflask from Metropolitan Market

Instead of: Single-use plastic bottles

Try: Reusable water bottles

Summer is coming and so are hikes, boating adventures, and park days. Stay hydrated with a trusty stainless steel water bottle and all the benefits that come with it: Durability and long-lasting temperature holding.

Brands we love: Hydro Flask

Instead of: Single-use plastic food bags

Try: Reusable snack bags

Single-use plastics, be gone. From work lunches al desko to meal prep Sundays, reusable bags are easy to store and clean. Look for ones made with food-grade silicone.

Brands we love: Stashers, Mepal

9 Eco-Friendly Ways to Go Green, Stasher from Metropolitan Market

Instead of: Paper towels or napkins

Try: Fabric napkins

Not only does switching from paper napkins to cloth ones cut down on paper use, it’s also a fun way to add some fun accessories to your kitchen. Find colors and patterns that match your style aesthetic.

9 Eco-Friendly Ways to Go Green, Fabric Napkins from Metropolitan Market

9 Eco-Friendly Ways to Go Green, Seed Packages from Metropolitan Market

Instead of: Buying a new package of herbs each time a recipe calls for them

Try: Keeping a little herb garden

We’ve all been there; a recipe calls for a few sprigs of rosemary, and we end up buying a whole pack just to toss it a few days later, plastic packaging included. Utilize a sunny window in your home and keep a few herbs growing for whenever you need them.

Brands we love: The Plant Good Seed Company

Instead of: Conventional cleaning products

Try: Eco-friendly cleaning supplies

Keep an eye out for cleaning supplies that use natural ingredients and recyclable packaging; they’re a lot more earth-friendly and introduce less harsh chemicals into your home. Pro-tip: Replace your fabric softener with distilled white vinegar!

Brands we love: ECOS, Seventh Generation, Attitude

9 Eco-Friendly Ways to Go Green, Cleaning Supplies from Metropolitan Market

9 Eco-Friendly Ways to Go Green, Biodegradable Bags from Metropolitan Market

Instead of: Tossing food waste in the garbage

Try: Composting

If you’ve never tried composting at home, it can be a bit intimidating. Compost liners help keep kitchen bins clean, and make removal a breeze.

Brands we love: BioBag, Repurpose

Instead of: Conventional soaps

Try: Earth-friendly shampoos, soaps, and beauty items

Keep an eye out for sustainably sourced ingredients and eco-conscious packaging! Shampoo and body wash bars are great for cutting down on those single-use plastic bottles.

Brands we love: Moon Valley Organic, Foamie, Attitude

9 Eco-Friendly Ways to Go Green, Soap and Shampoo from Metropolitan Market

9 Eco-Friendly Ways to Go Green, Buy Local and Organic from Metropolitan Market

And when you can: buy local and buy organic

Imagine all the packaging and fuel that’s used to ship products and goods from all over the world. Buying locally made or locally grown products cuts down those food miles and the carbon emissions that come with it. Buying organic produce is also a great way to support the environment. In non-organic farming, potentially harmful pesticides and fertilizers may be used and could spread to nearby areas via water runoff. So when you can, look for produce that’s both local AND organic, but if that’s not available, reach next for local produce, and then organic.

Pro-tip: You know those little stickers on fruits and veggies at the grocery store, with the numbers on them? If that number starts with a 9, it’s organic!

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