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July 29, 2022  |   by Shanon Herzer

After a long summer of sun, sweat, and swimming, it’s time to get our skin and hair back in shape. Depending on our care routines, skin can become drier or oilier, and hair can lose shine and moisture over the season. I’ve rounded up my favorite products aimed at restoring skin’s balance and hair’s health as we head into fall.

Weleda Skin Food products

Weleda’s Skin Food

My personal, all-around favorite skin savior is Weleda’s Skin Food – this luscious formula is made for head-to-toe pampering (don’t forget your hands and feet!) and will instantly help to restore and fortify the skin’s barrier. The original formula is rich and only requires a pea-sized amount per area – you’ll be shocked how far this small amount will go. If you like a lighter formula with the same benefits, their Skin Food Light absorbs instantly with no greasy feel, which makes it great for on-the-go application. Their new Skin Food Body Butter is a whipped version of the original formula and sinks into skin like a soufflé for the body – this is my go-to post-shower. If you want a serum-like experience, their Sea Buckthorn Body Lotion is a dream to apply and restores skin’s elasticity and glow, and smells like sunshine in a bottle.


When you need to get your hair back to a silky, shiny, hydrated state, look no further than Giovanni. The Smooth as Silk line is great for restoring shine, taming frizz, and hydrating dry locks. If you have stressed out, chemically treated hair, you definitely want to try the 50:50 Balanced products, and Giovanni’s Tea Tree Triple Threat increases scalp circulation and strengthens hair.

Giovannia Products
Attitude Products


Attitude’s Little Leaves kid’s products are EWG Verified and are the best at protecting and soothing sensitive skin. Choose from Vanilla + Pear or Watermelon + Coco – my daughter loves them both! We also love their Shampoo + Body Wash, Hair Detangler and of course, for extra fun, BUBBLE WASH!

Wild Carrot Herbals

If you’ve been curious about farm-fresh skincare that delivers on performance, you’ve got to check out the woman-owned, Portland skincare line Wild Carrot Herbals. Their gorgeous mica-flecked (no chucky glitter here!) Firefly Sparkle Lotion will keep your sun-kissed glow extended into sweater-weather. Not to mention you’ll smell amazing! And if you really want to turn it up a notch, their Vanilla Bean Luscious Face Cream is a bouquet of all things decadent and nourishing – this Vanilla and White Chocolate scented cream will have your skin soft and supple and deeply moisturized in no time.

Wild Carrot Products
Last Object Products


While we’re getting our skin and hair back on track, let’s get our tools upgraded too. LastObject’s goal is to cut down on single-use items, such as conventional cotton pads or swabs, so their high quality products are designed to be reused. Join me in my LastObject fan club!


Are your hands and toes looking a little rough from long hiking, camping, and beach combing? SpaRitual is here to save us from our rough cuticles and less-than-tidy toenails. Try their Citrus Cardamom Cuticle Serum and double-sided Sisal and Beechwood Nail Brush. Trust me when I say you’ll be stashing extra cuticle serums in your purse and desk drawers, but you’ll also be thanking me when you finally get your nails squeaky clean!

Sparitual Products

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