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the cookie

The Cookie

Okay, this might be an obvious one, because…let’s face it…The Cookie never disappoints! Whether you choose to bring a bag of decadent giant cookies straight from the bakery or you take the artistic route of cutting them into delectable portions on a dessert board, your host (and fellow guests) will be thankful for the chunky chocolatey pick-me-up after dinner. Looking for something a little smaller? Opt for “The Little Cookie” in a convenient 6-pack or pick up “The Cookie” ready-to-bake dough — just pop them in the oven for a “home-baked” treat to share!

Tarts, Tarts, and Tarts

In charge of dessert and want to bring something a little different than the traditional pumpkin pie? This holiday season, the Metropolitan Market bakery is offering some amazing tarts, including rustic marionberry, cranberry-eggnog, and chocolate-caramel made with our very own Metropolitan Market Go Nutty! mixed nuts. Each variety is nestled in a rich, buttery crust that’s sure to please.

baked tarts


This sweetbread and fruitcake is available in a variety of options during the season. Swing by our bakery to check out some of our favorites (and they’re beautifully wrapped up)! Check back in December, as we bring in more locally, from Gelatiamo and Grand Central.

Cheese and Charcuterie Board

Crafting a stunning cheese board calls for a little know-how, and our expert cheesemongers are on hand to help you with ideas to build a beautiful board. While you probably have your go-to cheeses, a chat with our cheesemongers can introduce you to seasonal recommendations as well as their personal favorites to add balance to your board. Add charcuterie and fill gaps with fruit and nuts for variety. Assemble in advance, then wrap in plastic, and it will be ready to impress when it’s time to head to the party!

cheese and charcuterie board
crab cakes

Crab Cakes (but smaller)

Do you know about our Dungeness crab cakes? Our seafood department makes them fresh daily, and they can whip up mini crab cakes too. To secure your order, it’s a good idea to reach out to our seafood department at least a day ahead. This has been my personal go-to strategy for gatherings with family and friends over the years—opting for bite-sized crab cakes as a sophisticated hors d’oeuvre. They’re always a hit, with the added bonus of being easy to serve and savor.

The Holiday Pear

We look forward to this Metropolitan Market tradition all year…The Holiday Pear! Typically arriving in early November (subject to the season), these sun-kissed beauties come to us from select Pacific Northwest growers. The optimal conditions in the region result in pears that are the sweetest and creamiest you’ll ever eat. Available individually or by the case, they’re perfect on they’re own. If you want to dress them up, we have a collection of fantastic (and easy) recipes for you to explore.

holiday pear
bottles of wine

Bottle(s) of Wine

It’s an old standby, but a bottle of great wine is always appreciated! Before you head to your get-together, stop by the Metropolitan Market wine department, where we feature some of the finest wines available. Our selection surpasses the ordinary offerings at typical grocery stores, ranging from global imports to local favorites. The real gem is our exclusive Metropolitan Market label. Whether red, white, rosé, or champagne, these wines not only come with an attractive price point but also deliver exceptional quality. Looking for a remarkable bottle of spirits? Our category manager collaborates with distillers to craft exclusive casks of special-edition, limited-run libations.


Nothing says “thank you for inviting me” quite like beautiful fresh flowers. Explore our selection of premium pre-made arrangements and bouquets, or team up with our talented florists to design a custom creation. Either way, our florists will help you present your gift beautifully so it’s ready to impress.

bouquet of flowers

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