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The Cookie

The King of Chocolate Chip Cookies

August 11, 2022  |   by Staff Writer

Just imagine: Sliding a still-warm cookie out of a bag emblazoned with the phrase “get serious about chocolate;” the generously sized, perfectly textured treat revealing a beautiful mosaic of chocolate chips and toasted walnuts when split in half, the act of doing so producing a satisfying crunch and snap. Before you know it, there’s chocolate on your fingers and you’ve made it to the checkout counter with only half of your treasure still intact.

Meltingly smooth with both semisweet and bittersweet chocolate, yet crisp and airy with pockets of real butter, this is Metropolitan Market’s The Cookie.

The Cookie, Fresh from Metropolitan Market

It all started when our founder Terry Halverson walked down a particular Manhattan street. The chocolate- and butter-rich aroma of cookies fresh from the oven wafted into the street, past a line of customers progressing toward its source. After tasting that cookie, Halverson decided that Metropolitan Market would sell a cookie of its own, one as good—no, even better—than the one he had that day.

Inspiration may have come quickly, but perfecting The Cookie was not to be rushed: our Bakery Specialist at the time stepped up to the challenge of developing the recipe, and after countless test batches, they found the secret—more chocolate. Nearly half of the total cookie weight is in chocolate, as the final recipe boasts not just one, but two different types of Callebaut Belgian-style chocolate in the mix. Toasted walnuts add complementary flavor and texture, as does the sprinkle of fine French sea salt that’s flourished on top before baking.

The Cookie, Chocolate Chips from Metropolitan Market

The Cookie, Baked from Metropolitan Market

The Cookie achieved near-legendary status in a matter of years.

“The chocolate’s molten thickness isn’t for the prim and proper, but it is guaranteed to leave you licking one chocolate-coated finger at a time,” says Seattle Met. Seattle Refined deemed the massive chocolate chip cookie, “worthy of becoming lunch rather than an afternoon treat.”

The Cookie is baked in all our stores continually throughout the day—and it’s warm and waiting for you right now.

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