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Plan Your Dream Wedding

Inspiration and simple solutions for your big day

If you’ve ever watched a family member or friend plan a wedding, or even planned one yourself, you know it takes a team to pull it off. Metropolitan Market offers several creative solutions to make the big day a little easier — and a little more unique.

Floral Arrangements

Whether you need just a couple bouquets for the bridal party or enough blooms to transform your venue into a garden-like wonderland, the floral team at Metropolitan Market is ready to work with you. Bouquets, table arrangements, boutonnieres…even delivery is taken care of. The floral designers are creative, experienced professionals; they use only the best-quality blooms and stick to your budget. It’s an incredibly collaborative process — sit down with a florist, mood board and inspiration photos in hand, and you’ll come up with something beautiful together. Contact your store’s floral department early (about three months out for larger orders) due to popularity and demand.

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The Cookie Cake

Not a fan of traditional wedding cake? Take our legendary chocolate chip cookie and turn it into a clever (and delicious!) wedding “cake.” Bulk order The Cookie through any Metropolitan Market bakery, find a multi-tiered cupcake/dessert stand at a local party store, and stack it high on your big day. Guests will love it!

cookie cake

Metropolitain Champagne

It’s the official drink of celebrations! We offer three exclusive cuvees from the Marne Champagne district of France: a pure Chardonnay vintage, a Chardonnay-Pinot Noir blend, and a gorgeous sparkling Rosé. The grapes are all premier cru, or “first growth,” meaning they are of the highest quality possible, so guests can raise a glass to the happy couple in style.

Not Your Everyday Cheesecake

Look again — that isn’t a cheesecake, but a cake of cheese. Talk about a statement! Imagine one of these towering beauties at cocktail hour or a wedding shower. Custom made with the best soft-ripened cheeses of the season (such as brie and Humboldt Fog), this sky-high cheeseboard is available in two sizes, the larger of which feeds up to 80 people. Work with an expert cheesemonger at any of Metropolitan Market location to order yours.

brie cheese cake