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Meet Connie Wan, Founder and CEO of Seattle Gummy Company

September 1, 2023  |   by Trev True

Tell us about yourself?

I am a mom who really just wants to find an easier way for kids to take medicine. In the pursuit of finding a better way to give medicine, I started Seattle Gummy Company (SGC) in 2017. Currently, I am serving as the company’s CEO. Before founding SGC, I served as the CTO and Chief IP Officer for Benemilk Oy. Before joining Benemilk, I led Intellectual Ventures invention capital investment in the areas of life science, food, agricultural and physical sciences. As a seasoned IP lawyer in private practice, I advised clients including universities, blue-chip pharmaceutical companies, and biotech startups. I’m a graduate of University of Washington, School of Law, and I hold multiple advanced degrees including Bachelor of Science and Master of Medicine from Peking University, both a Master’s and Ph.D. degree from Clark University in organic chemistry. I am licensed to practice law in Washington State as well as with the US Patent and Trademark Office. I have published in numerous scientific journals, I’m a prolific inventor with over 200 patent filings and a frequent speaker on topics of science, business, law and cross-cultural business dealings.

When and why did you start Seattle Gummy Company?

I started SGC in 2017 with the intention to find a better and easier way for kids to take medicine. Then, I found out that not just young kids have difficulty swallowing pills, more than 30% of the people over 65 also struggle with taking mediations because of the inability to swallow pills. In addition, 7% of adults in the US suffer from a condition called dysphagia – meaning “difficulty swallowing.” Did you know that medication incompliance is the biggest problem in the medical field? Medication incompliance leads to medication waste, treatment inefficiency, and unnecessary prolonging of diseases. SGC is here to change that.

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What makes Seattle Gummy special?

Over the years of developing gummy medicine, we invented an amazing collection of technologies incorporating highly active ingredients in sufficient therapeutic loadings into gummy matrix. Because gummy medicine will be used by the most vulnerable population among us, we also developed gummy technologies that incorporate all natural ingredients without using artificial ingredients. With our collection of high-loading gummy technologies, we’ve decided to launch functional gummy products that pair traditional Chinese medicine with active ingredients to provide non-drug-based solutions for addressing common needs such as energy, sports and immunity supports.

Where do you make your gummies?

All our products are produced in Washington.

How do you source your ingredients?

We have an internal sourcing team. We source our ingredients primarily from the US with some specialty ingredients from Japan and Germany. We prioritize ethical and sustainable suppliers known for quality and reliability, which is further backed by quality guarantee statements from the supplier. We quality check the ingredients as part of our quality control process of course.

What has been your biggest challenge along the way?

Finding good people to join the team and help grow the company has always been challenging.

What keeps you going?

Amazing feedback from our customers! We often get people to tell us how Mocca Shots kept them energized for an important project, or how Slumber Shots helped them to get the best night of sleep in their life. Knowing that we, through our products, made someone’s life a little bit better – that’s what keeps us going.

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What’s are your favorite things to pair with your gummies?

A good book with a hot essential oil infused tub.

What’s the most satisfying thing about your job?

Creating products that actually improve people’s lives.

What advice do you have for other entrepreneurs?

“It’s going to be okay” – always remember that. No matter how hard it gets, there will be light at the end of the tunnel, just keep going.

What’s on the horizon for Seattle Gummy Company?

More amazing products are coming – there is a gummy shot for every moment.

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What are your passions outside of work?

Learning new subjects, trail running in the greeneries of PNW, and painting.

How do you keep work/life balance?

It is hard now to find that balance, I have to say.

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