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Summer Dinner Hacks

Ready-to-Cook Favorites

August 8, 2022  |   by Ana Sainz

Now that summer is here, there is nothing better than spending time out of the kitchen and in the sun. This is the time to take advantage of pre-marinated, pre-seasoned meats and seafood. Here are five recipes that utilize ready-to-cook proteins and pre-made salads.

Kalbi Marinated Tri Tip Meal

One of my kids will eat anything topped with the Metropolitan Market Kalbi Marinade, and the tri tip is such a great value cut. Cook and serve this meat on top of the Asian Snap Pea Salad from the Prepared Foods Department and white rice.

Both the pollo asado and the carne asada rubs from the Butcher Shop adds just the right balance of flavor and smokiness to the meat. The steak and chicken cook super quickly, making them great for a last-minute taco night. With the corn salad from Prepared Foods and a stash of tortillas you are ready to go.

Polla Asada Meal
marinated pork tenderloin meal

There is always a happy dance at my house when Peach-O-Rama is here. You’ve got to try the peach marinated pork tenderloin – serve it with the special Peach-O-Rama caprese salad. Make it a meal with a few slices of grilled crusty bread.

Tostadas are one of my family’s favorite meals, they are fun to make and to eat. This meal will probably take no more than five minutes after the grill’s hot. While the shrimp cooks, place the tostadas in a platter and the guacamole in a bowl.

chili lime prawn tostadas

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