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Poke Bar

Infuse fresh flavors of the sea into your day with a stop to one of our bright and colorful Hawaiian-inspired poke bars. Each morning, an expert poke chef prepares only the highest quality, responsibly-sourced fillets of fish to put out for the day. From the spicy Ahi to the shrimp and mango salad, we invite you to dive in and build your best bowl.

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“I would even venture to say this is some of the best poke I’ve had, even including my favorite places in Hawaii.”
­—Jonny D, Met Market Customer Review on Yelp

We think it’s important to commit to environmental responsibility, which is why we work with a supplier that’s dedicated to sustainable practices; we can trace each individual fish back to when and where it was caught.

Expertly hand-cutting whole fillets of salmon or loins of tuna, dedicated poke chefs slice and prep each day’s offerings right in store.

Only fresh Hawaiian ogo, or seaweed, makes it to our poke bar. While hard to come by, it’s definitely worth it. It adds that perfect crunchy, briny taste to the seafood salad while paying tribute to this dish’s Hawaiian roots.

This is no fish tale—get the scoop on our Poke Bar origins.

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This is just a taste of what you might find in store. Daily selections vary—stop in and try something new.

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Fresh poke has come to town

“Each store has a designated chef with his or her own space and tools. The bars now generally have three raw seafood salads and three cooked ones, plus condiments and sides…“



“The Magnolia Met Market was the trendsetter for grocery-store poke in Seattle. Now you can find the market’s signature poke mixtures at [all] locations, with a build-your-own bar…”



What’s your ultimate poke combo? Show us and use #bestofmet, we’ll share our favorites!

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Raising the Bar

Avid traveler (and Met Market founder) Terry Halverson returned from one of his many Hawaiian trips with more than a suntan and some sand in his shoes. He also had the inspiration to bring the Islands’ most beloved seafood salads, known as “poke” (pronounced poh-kay), to his savvy Seattle customers.

The word itself translates from Hawaiian as “to cut” or “to slice,” more a concept than a recipe. The most classic versions thrive on their simplicity—like say, pristine, perfectly-cubed Ahi tuna mixed with sesame seeds, dashes of sesame oil, and a splash of soy sauce to bring out the inherent clean flavor and beautiful texture of the fish.

Today, each Metropolitan Market has a dedicated poke chef who carefully prepares the items for that store’s bar, hand-cutting whole loins of tuna or fillets of salmon to add to the day’s menu. The fillets are always of the highest quality, sourced from a fishery that not only engages in sustainable fishing practices but also tracks when and where each fish is caught.

Like a salad bar, it’s a fully-customizable experience. Make a meal-sized bowl of poke atop sushi rice with kimchi, edamame, and tofu as accents, or scoop an afternoon snack portion of addictive spicy Albacore poke. Other popular favorites include the Ahi (or Albacore) onion poke and shrimp and mango salad, which are regularly rotated in alongside whatever the chef feels is freshest that day (California roll salmon poke, anyone?). Plus, if you’re counting carbs or on the hunt for a flavorful high-protein meal, the poke bar has you covered—without flying all the way across the Pacific.

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