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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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September 8, 2023  |   by Trev True

A good bottle of olive oil has transformative culinary powers; once you try the real stuff, there’s no going back. Our specialists tasted hundreds of olive oils from around the world in search of one perfect enough to call our own.

Crete Island from Metropolitan Market

We know exactly where every olive destined for our bottles comes from. These beauties are grown on a sun-bathed family estate on the gorgeous Greek island of Crete. Our third-generation growers harvest the organic ripe Koroneiki olives right before they are cold-extracted and bottled in their state-of-the-art facility. Immediately pressing the just-picked olives assures the oil’s low acidity, a hallmark of top-quality oil that can be called ‘Extra Virgin’ or ‘EVOO’—so if you’ve ever read about mislabeling or deceptive practices in the olive oil world, know that ours is always absolutely guaranteed. Just as wine can be deemed “estate” bottling, so can olive oil. Our oil is estate-produced, which means that the olives are grown, processed, and bottled on the property of the producer.

Boasting a versatile, balanced flavor profile accented by a slight pepperiness, Metropolitan Market Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is well-rounded enough for roasting, sautéing, finishing, and dipping. Pair it with our IGP Balsamic drizzled on a salad or our Skagit Valley Miche.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Estate-Produced from Metropolitan Market