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lamb shoulder cut


To get the most out of its flavor, cook lamb shoulder on the bone. Can be cut into the blade and the arm chop. Great for lamb stew!

Cooking Methods

Roast, Slow-Cook, Stew


Extra tender and delicious. While it can look intimidating, fear not: a rack of ribs is actually easy to prepare and makes for a memorable showstopper. This is also where you find rib chops. Want to really impress your dinner guests? Ask your butcher to tie the rack into a traditional “crown” shape.

Cooking Methods

Grill, Pan Fry, Roast


Roasted Rack of Lamb Dijon

lamb rack cut
lamb loin cut


One of the most prized, tender, and delicious cuts of lamb. This area contains loin chops and the tenderloin. Great with your favorite dry rub.

Cooking Methods

Broil, Grill


Lots of muscle, so lots of flavor! Aiming to impress a crowd and leave everyone feeling full? Roast a full leg of lamb for quite the showstopper. Available at our Butcher Shop boneless or bone-in. Pro-tip: Ask our team to ‘butterfly’ the boneless leg, then take it home and toss it on the grill!

Cooking Methods

Grill, Roast


Lamb Kabobs with Grilled Peaches
Leg of Lamb Roast

lamb leg cut
lamb fore shank cut

Fore Shank

The lower section of the animal’s front leg. When cooked slowly with low, moist heat, you get remarkable tenderness and flavor. Usually a more cost-friendly cut of meat.

Cooking Methods

Braise, Roast, Slow-Cook


The breast is full of cartilage and connective tissues, so this is one to cook slow and low with moist heat.

Cooking Methods


lamb breast cut
lamb flank cut


This cut of meat can be a little tough, so make sure to cook it using moist heat.

Cooking Methods


Hind Shank

The lower section of the animal’s hind legs. Full of muscle from constant use, you want to cook these slowly with low, moist heat. Braised lamb shanks is a popular dish amongst restaurants, because when it’s done right and without rush, you get amazing tenderness.

Cooking Methods

Braise, Roast, Slow-Cook

lamb hind shank cut

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