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Local, Fresh, Organic Milk

March 2, 2023  |   by Staff Writer

USDA Certified Organic Milk

Our cows are given the best organic vegetarian feed, spend lots of time out in the pastures, and are raised without the use of antibiotics or artificial growth hormones.

Our Milk is Northwest Local

Our milk comes from organic dairy farms in the Pacific Northwest, so it stays close to home and doesn’t travel far.


The Freshest Milk

Traditionally pasteurized to retain its farm-fresh flavor and natural proteins. Delivered to our stores twice a week for the highest quality and freshness.

Varieties of Metropolitan Market Milk

Metropolitan Market has your favorite organic dairy milk varieties. We have non-fat milk and one-percent milk for those who like it light, and whole milk for those who want their milk rich and thick. We also offer two percent, which many think is the best milk. Click to find a Metropolitan Market grocery store near you.

Milk and Cookies?

If you know, you know that nothing goes better with our organic milk than The Cookie! Click here to learn more about The Cookie

the cookie

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