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Leftovers For Days

Making the most of post-Thanksgiving food

November 17, 2022  |   by Brooklynn Johnson

The only thing better than Thanksgiving dinner is the inevitable fridgeful of leftovers it creates; containers full of buttery mashed potatoes, tart cranberry sauce, and the main star, tender turkey meat. After you’ve had your ceremonial leftover sandwich (it’s tradition, of course), try some of these unique recipes that make the most of T-day spoils.

Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes: Holiday Turkey Hash from Metropolitan Market

Holiday Turkey Hash

These are the things holiday brunches are made of; crispy-on-the-outside, soft-on-the-inside sweet potatoes, slightly charred brussels sprouts from the day before, a runny egg, savory bacon, and leftover turkey.

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Japanese Turkey Curry Udon

While normally made with beef or chicken, turkey works beautifully as a substitute in this Japanese comfort food classic. With curry powder and garam masala, this flavorful bowl’s rich broth will warm up your fall afternoon.

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Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes: Japanese Turkey Curry Udon from Metropolitan Market

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