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Holiday Desserts

The Sweetest Time of Year

November 17, 2022  |   by Brooklynn Johnson

Ah, the holiday season, otherwise known as an homage to the best desserts in the history of baked goods. The rest of the year’s desserts just can’t compete with a perfectly baked pumpkin pie, or a cranberry-infused crisp. If you need some sweet inspiration, these recipes are sure to take rank in the clean plate club.

Holiday Dessert Recipes: Traditional Apple Pie from Metropolitan Market

Traditional Apple Pie

Have it be known that I am an absolute apple pie snob. If it’s my birthday, my friends and family get me pie over cake every year; they know I can never get enough of it. So trust me when I say that this is the only pie recipe you’ll need all holiday season, it’s absolutely perfect.

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Best-Ever Pumpkin Pie

You love it or you hate it, but there’s still no denying that pumpkin pie has solidified itself as a November staple. I only have one rule: serve it with a mountain of whipped cream.

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Holiday Dessert Recipes: Best-Ever Pumpkin Pie from Metropolitan Market

Holiday Dessert Recipes: Apple Cranberry Crisp from Metropolitan Market

Apple Cranberry Crisp

Anyone else think of fruit crisps as pie casseroles? Just me? Well either way, I love a good crisp that offers a lot of the same flavors and textures as pie, but takes less work. This one combines two classic flavors: fall apples and festive cranberry sauce.

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Pumpkin Haupia Crunch Cake

This is honestly my new favorite recipe for infusing pumpkin into the season. It’s topped with a generous amount of haupia, which is a traditional Hawaiian coconut custard. Plus it’s super pantry friendly, with ingredients like canned coconut cream, boxed cake mix, and pumpkin puree.

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Holiday Dessert Recipes: Pumpkin Haupia Crunch Cake from Metropolitan Market

Holiday Dessert Recipes: Apple Cider Donuts from Metropolitan Market

Apple Cider Donuts

Picture this, if you will: It’s a cool, fall morning. You have the best cup of chai tea, or fresh-brewed coffee. And then these come out of the oven: spiced little apple-y morsels of fluffy, doughy goodness.

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Caramel and Chocolate-Dipped Holiday Pears

Talk about a show stopper! As if The Holiday Pear couldn’t get any better, just wait until you try it with caramel and chocolate. This one also wins the award for “easiest dessert;” all you have to do is dip and set.

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Holiday Dessert Recipes: Caramel and Chocolate-Dipped Holiday Pears from Metropolitan Market

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