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Camp Like a Champ

5 easy, outdoor-friendly recipes from our team

May 23, 2022  |   by Brooklynn Johnson

There’s a lot to know about living in the Pacific Northwest: coffee is king, umbrellas are for tourists, and there will never ever be a shortage of gorgeous wilderness escapes. From the rainforests in Olympic National Park to the mountainous views in the North Cascades, a weekend camping retreat is on the books for most locals as soon as that summer sun starts to peak through spring clouds. Here are a few of our team’s tried-and-true camping recipes to add to your season’s repertoire.

breakfast burritos

The Easiest Breakfast Burritos

If there’s one meal that unites all camping, RV-ing, and general outdoor adventuring, it’s the mighty breakfast burrito. Make these wonder wraps ahead of time, wrap in foil, and chill. Heat them up when you need a hearty start to the day or a late-night snack. These are life savers for large, multi-campsite crews, and barely any cleanup needed.

“Not just for breakfast, these burritos are so quick and easy, you’ll find yourself heating one up at any time of the day!” – Cameron

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Freeze-Ahead Beef Curry

If camping curry isn’t a thing already, it absolutely should be. All the prep work for this one is completely done by the time you leave to your campsite, and the frozen servings act as ice to help keep your cooler nice and chilly. Heat it up for the perfect meal on a cooler night.

“Nothing beats sitting around a campfire with a hearty bowl of Japanese curry rice that warms you from the inside out (and was so easy to reheat)!” – Christine

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japanese beef curry
tortilla espanola

Tortilla Española

This Spanish egg-and-potato omelet is the perfect meal for your trusty cast-iron, and we love that it uses only a few ingredients. Make it ahead and have it ready for a tapas break after tent setup. Serve with crusty bread, olives, and prosciutto.

“It is hearty and easy, perfect for relaxing after setting up your campsite” – Ana

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Simple Skillet Shakshuka

Another great egg dish, this Moroccan-inspired meal starts with a ready-to-heat, pre-made Shakshuka sauce. Serve it with ripped pita or a sliced baguette.

“Shakshuka is a great hearty meal for cool crisp mornings next to the campfire. Enjoy with warm pita and a cup of hot coffee.” – Eben

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simple skillet shakshuka
cast iron chicken

Cast-Iron Chicken

Can you tell we love a good camping cast-iron? Here’s another skillet recipe to add to the lineup. This one features tender chicken and a spice rub of your choice – we’re loving the Villa Jerada Moruno Rub!

“This chicken is perfectly crispy and juicy and so easy to make. Warning, do not try to cook it inside, it’s way too smokey!” – Trev

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I Want S’more Please

Is it even camping if there are no s’mores? Embrace the sweet glorious mess that s’mores are and add caramel to the melty stack.

“I love challenging friends to bring their best out-of-the-box s’mores ingredients. From peanut butter to caramel sauce, there hasn’t been a bad combo yet!” – Brooklynn

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