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Burgers 5 Ways

Recipes that’ll make you flip

July 6, 2022  |   by Brooklynn Johnson

Oh baby, it’s burger season! Don’t get me wrong, a burger sounds good any time of year, but it’s a universal truth that it just tastes infinitely better when it’s hot off the grill in your best friend’s backyard on a sunny summer day. A good burger should be a messy one, stacked high with veggies and tasty condiments threatening to spill out (I’m convinced this is like half the reason we eat them outside so much). Check out some of our favorite burger recipes, from tried-and-true combos to vegan super stacks.

classic cheeseburger

The Classic Cheeseburger

Otherwise known as the embodiment of, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” the classic cheeseburger is a time-tested pillar of Americana. The original cast is all here: premium beef patty, sliced cheddar cheese (it’s Tillamook or bust, I will not be compromising on this), onions, pickles, lettuce, tomato, all stacked high on a toasted bun and finished with ketchup and the brightest yellow mustard known to mankind.

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Mediterranean Lamb Burger

This has a lot of the same elements as a classic cheeseburger – meat patty, cheese, condiments – but with a Greek-inspired twist. Instead of beef? Lamb. Instead of cheddar cheese and ketchup? Myzithra and harissa. And we swapped out the lettuce and pickles for preserved lemon peel and sliced cucumber. We may not be sipping ouzu in Santorini, but we can certainly bring that vibe to our next backyard shindig.

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mediterranean lamb burger
northwest dungeness crab cake burger

Northwest Dungeness Crab Cake Burger

Alright, Boston, we see your lobster roll and raise you one crab cake burger. The Metropolitan Market Dungeness Crab Cakes are arguably one of the most underrated seafood scores in the city; So. Much. Crab. This burger is all about highlighting the crustacean’s stardom, so it’s finished simply with some avocado, aioli, and a few greens, if you so choose.

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Portobello Veggie Burger

Grain-free club, anyone? Sure, we’ve all seen the almighty Portobello mushroom replace the meat in a burger…but what if it replaced the buns? And while we’re at it, just get rid of the meat too, and swap it out for grilled halloumi. This is a vegetarian burger for the foodies.

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portobello veggie burger
plant-based vegan burger

Plant-Based Vegan Burger

There will be no person left grazing the potato chip station at any barbecue of mine, so a good vegan burger is an absolute must. Snag your favorite frozen plant-based meat patty (by the way, you can absolutely toss a frozen patty on the grill) and load up on fun condiments, like mashed avo and pickled onions.

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