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We’re proud to present our can’t-miss collection of extraordinary products, handpicked by our expert buyers with our customers in mind. Each item represents years of hard work and the highest degree of commitment, both by our talented team members and by the makers themselves. From pantry provisions to fresh-made standbys, these are the secrets that become staples.


Crafted from farm-fresh apples plucked from the orchard and pressed at the height of ripeness, this autumn classic is crisp and refreshing served cold or cozy and comforting sipped hot.

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Washington Apple Cider at Metropolitan Market #BestofMet
Fresh-Stretched Mozarella at Metropolitan Market #BestofMet

Fresh-Stretched Mozzarella

Whatever the season, it’s hard to ignore the magnetism of fresh-stretched mozzarella, especially one that has been hand-stretched according to a time-honored tradition.


Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil at Metropolitan Market #BestofMet

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Three generations of growers harvest the ripe organic olives right before they are cold-extracted and bottled, making it Extra Virgin

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The quintessential Northwest crab cake. Freshly made in-store from real West Coast Dungeness, with a light panko breadcrumb crust to give it that crispy texture on the outside.

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Try our Dungeness Crab Cakes at Metropolitan Market #BestofMet
Find Balsamic Vinegar at Metropolitan Market #BestofMet

Balsamic Vinegar

Rich and complex with a beautiful, thick consistency, our authentic balsamic hails directly from Modena, Italy. Drizzle on everything, even ice cream.


Try our Prime Rib Sandwich at Metropolitan Market #BestofMet

Prime Rib Sandwich

Hand-carved to order, this satisfying sandwich is piled high with perfectly-pink, flame-roasted prime rib from Painted Hills Natural Beef, a heralded Northwest ranch.

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Bakewell Tart

Our take on the British classic starts with a buttery pastry crust filled with a layer of raspberry jam, followed by extra-rich frangipane and finished with sliced almonds and powdered sugar.

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Find Bakewell Tart at Metropolitan Market #BestofMet

Hummingbird Cake

Savor this Southern classic, featuring four layers of cinnamon spice cake packed with banana, pineapple, and pecans, and finished generously with our famous browned butter penuche icing.

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The Cookie at Metropolitan Market #BestofMet

The Cookie

Ooey, gooey, crunchy, and sweet, it’s the cookie of your dreams. Seattle’s legendary chocolate chip cookie is more chocolate than cookie, and it’s served warm all day long.


Explore our Poke Bar at Metropolitan Market #BestofMet

Poke Bar

Like a salad bar, it’s a fully-customizable experience. Infuse your day with protein by building a bowl of real Hawaiian-style poke with favorites like Spicy Ahi or the Shrimp and Mango Salad.


Organic Eggs at Metropolitan Market #BestofMet

Organic Eggs

Our search for the perfect egg took us to a local farm that invests in environmentally friendly practices. These large Grade AA organic brown eggs are delivered fresh to stores twice a week.


Metropolitan Market's Rotisserie Chicken

Rotisserie Chicken

These high-quality birds are seasoned to perfection before making their way into the in-store flame rotisseries, where they emerge hot and fresh throughout the day.


Experience the Best

Once you try these premium products, you’ll be hooked. From special tastings to meet-the-maker events, you’re invited to experience every flavor of Best of Met.

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Experience the #BestofMet at Metropolitan Market Experience the Best at Metropolitan Market #BestofMet


Our coveted Best of Met list is alive and changing as new favorites emerge. We want YOU to tell us what should be included. Use #bestofmet to share your own Met Market favorites.

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